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Energy, supply and waste

For Automation Lab, proper and optimized management of all energy sources is an important task, both because the subject is of great interest to us and because we believe that it provides value to all links in the food chain, from suppliers to consumers.
E.g. fuel consisting of biogas for the transport industry, public transport and passenger cars, we see as a significant contribution to energy-efficient transport worldwide, for the benefit of everyone’s health.
Complete SRO (SCADA) systems for the energy and process area is one of our specialties.
We are proud to contribute to sustainable development with our many years of experience in management, data logging, etc. for biogas plants, gas filling stations, district heating and waterworks.

Automation solutions for purification plants are also an essential part of our product range.

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Building automation

Automation Lab delivers BMS solutions for buildings, e.g. in hospitals, malls, educational institutions, shopping malls, etc.

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Production and process industries

We focus on increasing customer profitability and environmental accounting through optimization of processes and technologies.
In many cases, the cooperation starts with measurements on a given production line to identify opportunities of optimization.
Automation on a plant can often be optimized and thus save resources or achieve greater production.

Machine builders and machine control

Concept development, sparring and development of partial and complete solutions for machine builders are still among the core competencies of Automation Lab. Over the years, our knowledge and competencies have made a difference in numerous development projects in which we have helped to create a wide range of innovative and effective solutions.

Automation Lab are experts when it comes to programming PLC controls and user interface design.
We have many years of experience in programming PLC systems and are happy to help your company develop a smart and user-friendly solution for your product.

Our specialty is to help OEM manufacturers with the development of main controls and operator interface. The operator interface can be made as Touch panels mounted in the front panel or as an operator station based on SCADA software, depending on the customer’s wishes and the user’s needs.

Water treatment systems

Clean water is a basic need for a healthy life, and Automation Lab is therefore very pleased to be able to make our contribution to this by providing monitoring, automatic control and monitoring of water treatment plants and waterworks.

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SRO (SCADA) plants

We provide everything from consulting to turnkey SRO (SCADA) systems.
We have many years of experience with operation, design and programming within IT and automation in the process and energy area.

Our goal is to help customers through their SRO (SCADA) projects, so that they get a well-functioning system that is optimized in terms of energy consumption and a user interface that is easy to use and provides satisfied employees.

Automation Lab A/S
  • Before starting up new SRO (SCADA) projects, we recommend that the builder prepare a strategy plan that extends into the future and uncovers the current user needs, as well as the requirements for the plant’s functionality.
  • The strategy plan recommends the optimal technological solution and a plan for implementation, where users are involved throughout the process.

Key points in the collaboration with us:

  • Strategic plan
  • Requirements specifications
  • Design of architecture and topology
  • Project management
  • Integration and data exchange
  • Electrical main controls and electrical installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training of users and service technicians
  • Troubleshooting and process optimization
  • Data security

SRO (SCADA) systems, supplied by Automation Lab are typically based on the following technologies:

Automation Lab A/S
  • Siemens PLC
  • Beckhoff PLC
  • Iconics SCADA

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BMS plants

Building automation, energy and comfort.

Automation Lab offers innovative solutions for building automation, where it is possible to integrate all the building’s subsystems, thereby providing new opportunities for optimizing energy consumption and comfort.
BMS systems from Automation Lab are based on PLC programmed with CoDeSys software and SCADA technology, and give customers the long-awaited openness and flexibility in the technological field. At the same time, the solution makes it possible to use different suppliers for the individual sub-projects.

With the PLC’s associated modular I/O system, it is possible to exchange data with all Ethernet-based systems, and communicate with instruments via all known standard signals.

The SCADA software from Iconics has been specially developed with facilities that support our requirements for a functional and reliable user interface. The user will experience an intuitive and clear user interface, which provides a safe and easy operation of the technical installations.

As required, we can supply complete BMS systems with SCADA user interface in combination with Touch panels, or simply simpler web visualization for smaller installations.
Mobile solutions are provided for tablets, PCs and smartphones, which enable monitoring of critical parameters, regardless of where the user is physically located.

BMS systems, provided by Automation Lab are typically based on the following technologies:

Automation Lab A/S
  • Beckhoff PLC
  • Iconics SCADA
  • DALI lysstyring
  • KNX (certificeret KNX-partner)
  • BACnet

BMS controlled systems:

Automation Lab A/S
  • Ventilation
  • Heating / cooling
  • Lighting
  • Sun protection
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Energy management

Our programmers have electrical engineering background, mechanical insight and process understanding. In addition to the task solution itself, we are also happy to provide advice along the way and support after implementation.

We have many years of experience and great expertise in the following systems:

  • Siemens PLC: Step 7, TIA V11 -> TIA V17, Safety and Drives, ProfiNet, ProfiBus
  • Siemens HMI: WinCC Advanced, WinCC Flexible, Protool
  • Beckhoff: TwinCAT 2 & 3, TwinCAT NC (servo applications), TwinSAFE, EtherCAT
  • WAGO PLC Codesys 2.3, eCockpit, Dali
  • CoDeSys based PLC systems
  • Schneider HMI: Vijeo Designer
  • Schneider PLC: SoMachine EcoStruxure Machine Expert
  • SCADA – Iconics Gensis 64
  • KNX certification
  • Canbus, J1939, NMEA2000, NMEA0183, CANopen

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Data integration

Automation Lab offers assistance with data integration between PLC based controls and SCADA systems or other administrative IT systems as well as database servers.
We also offer design and programming of integration between robot solutions and peripheral PLC systems, where we have extensive experience within the most common communication protocols.

Data logging

Automation Lab offers PLC based data logging via our own data portal

No matter where the installation is located and no matter what physical sizes you want to visualize, data can be found online on the data portal is a 100% flexible data logging system that can measure and log all known industrial electrical signals, as well as integrate all industrial bus systems. Communication from data logger to database server takes place via internet connection or alternatively via an included VPN modem with data connection via SIM card.

ALDAQ med Automation Lab A/S


  • Internet-based data logging
  • Mobile-based data logging
  • Logging of all known electrical signals
  • Easy access through firewalls
  • Data logging and control of machine in the same PLC
  • WEB based interface
  • Alerting of log points via e-mail
  • Visualization in tables and graphs
  • Export data via included API
Main controls

Automation Lab designs and delivers complete main controls for both distribution systems and controls.

Our designers have an electrical technical background, mechanical insight and process understanding. In-depth knowledge of the task and thoroughness is a matter of course when we design and deliver main controls.
Over the years, we have built up a close collaboration with our primary suppliers as well as broad knowledge of their products. In our choice of hardware, we emphasize quality, availability, price and support.
In consultation with the customer, we select the hardware that best suits the individual project and the specific wishes.

We prepare documentation in CAD software, according to the customer’s wishes and we have options for drawing main controls in either PCSchematic or Eplan.

Electrical main controls for process plants with ATEX components are one of our specialist areas.

We supply main controls that comply with current EU standards, and also have experience with delivery of main controls that meet UL standards.

Electrical installations

We have extensive experience with electrical installations on machine, production and process plants. Electrical installation in ATEX areas is one of our specialist areas.

Automation Lab A/S

Our task solution includes:

  1. Design
  2. Dimensioning
  3. Guideways
  4. Cabling
Automation Lab A/S

Examples of areas for electrical installations:

  • Ventilation
  • Heating / cooling
  • Lighting
  • Sun protection
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Energy management
Project management from A to Z

Our employees regularly participate in courses to have the latest knowledge, and several have also taken further training in project management.

We provide professional project management and we perform the tasks properly. One of the methods to ensure a stable flow in the project is that we have prepared templates to run a project that ensures everything from schedules and finances to document flow and securing software versions.

Our project management includes:

  • Economy
  • Time schedule
  • Resources
  • Document management
  • Test procedure FAT and SAT documents
  • Software versioning

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ATEX (electrical installations in explosive atmospheres)

ATEX (“ATmospheres EXplosibles”) is an EU directive to prevent personal injury and property damage. All equipment installed in an explosive atmosphere must be ATEX approved and Ex-marked.

Your safety has first priority with us – especially around electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.
We perform both the initial inspection and subsequently the statutory inspection every 3 years on electrical installations in order to maintain a good and safe working environment around your plant.

ATEX Produktblad Automation Lab

We deliver a complete ATEX project incl.:

  • Initial inspection and guidance when choosing ATEX equipment incl. collection of necessary documentation
  • Design and delivery of ATEX electrical panels
  • Installation, incl. cables, hardware, software, etc.
  • Approval of electrical installation, incl. insulation test and measurement report

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