About us

For us, cooperation and partnership are the most important things in a task solution. This results in trust and value-creating solutions that are sustainable for both parties.

Automation Lab A / S specializes in providing solutions within control technology and automation, customized to match our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our company was founded in 2009 in Svendborg, and we are now a team of 20 employees, each with our own unique combination of competencies and expertise. We have an office in Svendborg on Funen and an office in Albertslund on Zealand.

About our project skills

We are a team of employees with strong specialist competencies, several of whom have supplemented their strong automation profile with project management training. This means that we can offer everything from installation and programming of controls on a specific machine to data collection on machinery and electronic processing of production data.

Automation Lab A/S

We offer complete solutions – from design to delivery – as well as subprojects.

Consulting is a matter of course, when you work with us Rådgivning er en selvfølge i arbejdet med os, both in the initial talk, during the project and after delivery.

Please contact us, so that together we can find a good solution to automate and manage YOUR product.

In our projects we manage it all:

Automation Lab A/S
  • Economy
  • Time scedule
  • Ressources
  • Document management
  • Test procedure
  • FAT and SAT documentation
  • Software-versioning

Today, Automation Lab is structured as a project-oriented company with a versatile team of specialists. Together, we solve even large, complex development tasks in a short time, while proven internal working procedures ensure a structured approach in working towards common goals. Throughout the production phase, knowledge is continually exchanged between key personnel in order to ensure close teamwork that brings customers optimum solutions.

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Sustainability and CSR

That the earth’s climate is changing, and that large parts of the world’s population is threatened, by various factors, is constantly in our consciousness, and we have in our company decided to work purposefully toward improving the climate and living conditions for humans and animals, on our common planet.

Claus Walther Jensen

This CSR report for 2021 is the first for Automation Lab and we look forward to making a noticeable difference by implementing some of the goals we have put ourselves, in connection with the preparation of this report. It has been important for us to find a model for our work with CSR, where visible and noticeable initiatives have been defined that add something to the case. As part of the work on the CSR report, we have chosen to join the UN Global Compact, so we work from living up to the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles, and work in this connection with selected world goals, which our business and behavior can contribute positively. to. The connection between our efforts and the Global Compact is important as it shows that we are not alone, but contribute to higher efforts to strengthen the environment and climate, and make the earth a better place for all.

Best regards
Claus Walther Jensen, Business Development Manager / Partner

UN Global Compact

Since 2022 Automation Lab A/S has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

WE SUPPORT a great initiative, especially when it comes to a greater goal
WE BELIEVE in a sustainble future where we do business right for all
WE ARE PROUD AND HUMBLE to be a part of a global network.

We take responsibility – together with the world!

Read more about “UN Global Compact WE SUPPORT” on the website – click

We implement the Global Compact principles

Automation Lab’s overall CSR goal is to ensure that any of Automation Lab’s activities and solutions:

  • Protects and / or improves the environment through initiatives, technologies and partnerships that can reduce climate change and promote environmentally friendly behavior.
  • Respects human rights by minimizing the risk of negative effects on these rights, and by supporting and promoting the values ​​and principles on which they are based.
  • Respects workers’ rights and human rights by minimizing the risk of negative effects on these rights, and by supporting and promoting the values ​​and principles on which they are based.
  • Counteracts all forms of corruption through procedures and practices that prevent fraud, bribery and exploitation of trust for personal gain.

Annual reporting of the CSR effort

Every year, we make a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Compact requirement for submitting a Communication on Progress (COP) report, which ensures that the company is transparent about the work with responsibility and sustainability.


We believe in a strong partnership with our customers, because it ensures the development of innovative and sustainable solutions, based on know-how and new technology.

Well-being is a condition for being able to perform at one’s best both at work and in private life, and therefore well-being is also an important value for us.

Our company is based on 4 core values, which are the starting point for EVERYTHING in our everyday life:

Automation Lab A/S


It should be fun to go to work. We achieve this by having a good working climate, where we help and respect each other, and at the same time there is time for our families.

Automation Lab A/S


We work professionally, safely and thoughtfully to achieve the best result.

Automation Lab A/S


Our actions are reliable, we act credibly and create trust.

Automation Lab A/S


We have a high professional profile, which through knowledge, education and experience ensures creative and innovative solutions for our partners.

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Vision and mission

Our vision is: “We want to be a recognized and leading knowledge center in automation and process technology.”

Our mission is: “With enthusiasm, knowledge and experience in automation and process technology, we work with our customers to create innovative and value-creating solutions.”


  • Nature Energy: Månsson Biogas plant in Denmark
  • Ammongas A/S: Biogas upgrading plants in Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • Nærenergi Danmark A/S: Electric installation and ATEX design of gas filling stations in Denmark and Sweden
  • KwangShin: Electric installation and ATEX design on gas compressor stations
  • Various ATEX customers with advice, design and supervision

They help us in completing our tasks in time, with a good sense of safety, security and deadlines!

When we started on site here at Sode, we have had 2 months from when we could get to the site, until we have to supply gas online. It is a hectic project and therefore we have had to ally ourselves with some good partners. We have chosen Automation Lab at virtually all facilities because we know they can handle the task and they can help us to achieve our goals in time.

Emil Andersen, Project Engineer from Ammongas A/S Sode Biogas in Denmark

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