AutomationLab offer consulting regarding project management and operation of SRO-installations

We have many years of experience with operation, project management and education in IT and automation on the process- and environment area.

Our goal is helping customers through their SRO projects, so they are getting a well working installation and satisfied employees.

Before start up of new SRO projects, we recommand the developer to work out a strategy plans which reaches out for the future, and uncovers the actual user needs, and the requirements for the functionality of the installation.

The work on the strategy plan is finished off with a report, that recommends the optimal technological solution and a plan for implementation. The users are involved through out the process and the report also includes an assessment of staff ressources, and has recommendations for the necessary education that matches the new technology.

  • Strategy plan
  • Specification of requirements
  • Design of architecture and topologi
  • Developer consultancy
  • Project management
  • Integration and data exchange
  • Education of users and service technicians
  • Troubleshooting and process optimization
  • Data security