PLC based machine control

AutomationLab are experts concerning programming of PLC controls and design of the user interface. We have many years experience with programming of PLCs and we gladly help Your company with developing a smart and user friendly solution for Your product.

Our speciality is to help OEM producers with development of switchboards and operator interface. Operator interface can be made as touchpanels mounted in the front of the switchboard or as operator station based on SCADA software, it all depends on the customers requirements and needs. The user interface can in some cases, also be made as a web page directly in the controller, and for this task we recommend using controllers from WAGO, because these has the required technology built-in, and they are a quality product to a competetive price.

Data exchange with 3. party programs and other equipment is also an area were we offer to assist finding the optimal solution. AutomationLab is a Kepware system integrator and we deliver service and consultancy regarding data exchange via KEPServerEx and UCONServer from Kepware.