Our designers have all electrical engineering background as well as mechanical insights. In-depth and universal understanding of the task is a prerequisite before planning and component selection. Over the years, we have built close cooperation with our primary suppliers as well as broad knowledge of their products. In our choice of hardware, we emphasize quality, availability worldwide, price and support options. We cooperate with most major suppliers to the industry and stock a wide range of the primary materials.

We have a wide knowledge of hardware across makes – and have particularly great expertise and experience in WAGO, Beckhoff, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider and Omron.

In consultation with the customer, we select the hardware that best suits the individual project and the specific wants. After design and assembly of the controls, this is programmed and tested.

If you need help with hardware dimensioning, you are always welcome to contact our design department. We offer upgrading, replacement and optimization of both hardware and software on older as well as newer systems.